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Offset Printing

Our experience in offset printing for many year combined with the expertise of our printing, packaging and branding techniques makes us the best among the our competitors. When it comes to locating the best printers of stationary in Kenya, we are best among the rest. As trend-setters in the print industry, we will also provide printing solutions for your company annual reports, newsletters, diaries, company profiles, leaflets and brochures. Different print production processes, adds a lot of value to your printing projects through a wide array of printing services in the following areas: - Corporate Stationery, Computer Stationery,Posters, Print on Plastic, Leaflets & Brochures, Company Profiles, Banners ,Catalogues, Direct Mailers, Folders, Carrier Bags, Calendars , Diaries,Wobblers,Shelf Strips, Danglers,POS, Displays, Labels, Inner Packaging, Boxes, Bags, Paper Cups, Annual Reports, Text Books, Newsletters, Magazines, Diaries, Notebooks, IPO Issues, Prospectus, Annual Yearbooks, Event Tickets, Postcards, Menus, Invitation Cards and Greeting Cards. see more...

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Digital Printing

Digital Printing is a kind of technique which may be using digital or electronic files from a personal computer. So digital printing cannot rely on the press plate to carry the image. And it cannot require any setup sheets. Due to lower production costs, digital printing can be replaced lithography in a wide range of markets. Digital printing can make to use of raster image and it can be sent to directly to the printer. The digital files and graphics software applications can help the printer. So the raster image is called as a bitmap and it has a grid of x and y coordinates on display space. Impact Communications can give details of coordinates to illuminate. For another printing process, the toner cannot permeate the substrate. This toner can actually form as a thin layer on the surface. The fuser fluid can helps as part of the heating process. So the UV curing process can be used for adhering to surface. It has the main advantage in the elimination of printing plate and it can help in saving time, effort and money. see more...

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Book Printing

Books Printing and Publishing Service offers widest range of book binding options to trim size suitable for all the genre or book type, from the softcover trade fiction volumes to hardcover photography books. Impact Communications is more simple with the method of printing a large number of books as well as detailed with proving the book is distributed worldwide. The professional team works to get the best printing method as well as maintain the right. In addition, the Books Printing and Publishing service offers the high range of products with the state of art to make sure about the quality and also assist with the more approach for our books with the cover the style of paper stocks, and more elements offer book are very unique. Experts mainly recommend the industry standards with the best book printers across the world. In addition, we can trust way for the book and create our first proof to the final print. see more...

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