Our Handbooks


KALRO @ 10

Kalro @ 10 Handbook commemorates a decade of groundbreaking research and innovation by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO). Through insightful articles, success stories, and profiles of research achievements, the handbook highlights KALRO's significant contributions to agricultural development in Kenya. Impact Communications collaborates closely with KALRO researchers, scientists, and administrators to document the organization's achievements over the past decade. Through interviews, site visits, and research, the handbook captures the breadth and depth of KALRO's impact on Kenya's agricultural sector. With engaging narratives and captivating visuals, the Kalro @ 10 Handbook celebrates KALRO's accomplishments and sets the stage for future advancements.

Microfinance & SACCOs Profiles

Microfinance and SACCOs Profiles Handbook offers a comprehensive overview of microfinance institutions and Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs) in Kenya. From financial services to community development initiatives, the handbook showcases the vital role these institutions play in providing access to finance and promoting economic empowerment. Impact Communications collaborates closely with microfinance institutions, SACCOs, and regulatory bodies to compile detailed profiles for the handbook. Through interviews with stakeholders and analysis of financial data, the handbook provides valuable insights into the operations and impact of these institutions. Whether it's accessing credit for small businesses or saving for the future, the Microfinance and SACCOs Profiles Handbook serves as a valuable resource for individuals and communities seeking financial inclusion and stability.


Suppliers & Manfucaturers Profiles

Suppliers & Manufacturers Profiles Handbook is a comprehensive guide to key players in Kenya's manufacturing and supply chain industries. From industrial equipment suppliers to food processors, the handbook features detailed profiles of businesses across various sectors, highlighting their products, services, and capabilities. Impact Communications conducts extensive research and outreach to identify and profile a diverse range of suppliers and manufacturers operating in Kenya. Each profile is meticulously crafted, drawing on interviews, site visits, and market analysis to provide comprehensive insights into each business. With detailed information on products, facilities, and contact details, the Suppliers & Manufacturers Profiles Handbook facilitates collaboration and partnerships within Kenya's vibrant manufacturing ecosystem.

Contacts Kenya

Contacts Kenya Handbook is an essential resource for businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking contact information across various sectors in Kenya. From government agencies to private enterprises, the handbook provides comprehensive listings of key contacts, including addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Impact Communications meticulously compiles contact information from a wide range of sources, including government directories, industry associations, and business registries. Each entry is verified for accuracy to ensure that users can rely on the handbook as a trusted reference. With regular updates and additions, the Contacts Kenya Handbook remains up-to-date and indispensable for navigating Kenya's business landscape.


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