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Healthy Kenya

Healthy Kenya Magazine is a comprehensive publication dedicated to promoting health and wellness across Kenya. From nutrition tips to fitness routines, the magazine covers a wide range of topics aimed at empowering individuals and communities to lead healthier lives. Healthy Kenya Magazine is meticulously crafted by Impact Communications, with a team of writers, editors, and designers collaborating to bring valuable health information to the forefront. Extensive research, interviews with experts, and engaging visuals are woven together to create each issue, ensuring it's both informative and visually appealing.

Agrifood East Africa

Agrifood East Africa Magazine is a leading publication dedicated to advancing agricultural and food-related industries in the East African region. From farming techniques to food processing innovations, the magazine covers a wide spectrum of topics crucial to the agrifood sector Impact Communications collaborates closely with agricultural experts, food producers, and researchers to capture the latest developments and challenges facing the agrifood sector in East Africa. Each issue is meticulously crafted, drawing on extensive research and firsthand insights from stakeholders across the value chain. By highlighting best practices, emerging trends, and opportunities for growth, Agrifood East Africa Magazine aims to support the region's agricultural transformation and contribute to food security and economic prosperity.

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Water East Africa

Water East Africa is a pioneering publication dedicated to addressing water-related challenges and solutions in the East African region. From conservation efforts to innovative technologies, the magazine explores diverse aspects of water management, sanitation, and sustainability. Impact Communications collaborates with water experts, NGOs, and policymakers to gather insights and perspectives on water issues in East Africa. Thorough research and on-the-ground reporting provide the foundation for each issue, allowing the magazine to offer timely and relevant content. By highlighting success stories and innovative approaches, Water East Africa aims to drive positive change and promote water security in the region.

Kenya Schools Profiles

Kenya Schools Profiles is a vital resource for parents, educators, and students alike, offering detailed insights into educational institutions across Kenya. From primary schools to universities, the magazine provides comprehensive profiles, highlighting academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and facilities available at each institution. Impact Communications meticulously compiles information from various schools, conducting interviews with administrators, teachers, and students to gather firsthand insights. Each profile is carefully crafted, ensuring accuracy and relevance. Through engaging narratives and informative graphics, Kenya Schools Profiles provides an invaluable resource for those navigating Kenya's education landscape.


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